Having issues with your PC? Is your computer running slow and you are not sure why?

CSS can help you with any and all of your PC Repair issues. Call us for a free estimate (585) 484-8000 and we can give you all info you need to make a decision about your computer problem. As always, our certified technicians provide fast, friendly and affordable service right to your home or even remotely.


Technician Repairing PC

Common issues with your PC:

Speed up slow PCs, Spyware & Adware removal, PC Repair, Malware removal, Virus removal, Eliminate pop-ups, Fix internet issues, Wifi troubleshooting, Resolve software issues, assist with software installation, Operating System Upgrades, Hardware installation, Hardware troubleshooting, data restoration and backup, Operating System troubleshooting, Network troubleshooting and much much more! Call us for a free estimate: (585) 484-8000