Hard Drive Recovery

Hard Drive Repair Service

Using an array of sophisticated software applications and hardware devices we and/or our partner Ace Data Recovery, are able to recover any file from any make and model of hard drive. ALL Hard Drive make and models are serviced.

RAID Array Repair

RAID Array Repair Recovery

RAID or Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks is a type of storage configuration mainly used in enterprise and SMB environments for increased reliability, performance, or capacity. Due to its complex configuration, drive failures outside of the allowed parameters for that type of specififc RAID type, can be extremely complicated to restore. We can recover data from ALL RAID levels. This includes NAS/SAN Devices and all virtual environments.

Solid State Drives Recovery / Flash Media Repair

SSD Recovery

SSD Drives, SD Cards, Memory Sticks, USB flash devices are suseptable to failure due to their limited number of Read/Write cycles. We can recover data from these types of devices regardless of physical or logical damage to the file system.


Database Repair Service

Database Recovery

SQL Databases, Exchange Mail Databases, Access Databases all can be repaired and restored to a viable state and reattached. We extract all data into a readable format and import into a previous version of the database structure.

Magnetic Tape Media

Tape Drive Recovery Service
Our Partner has developed a means for recovering damaged Tape Media. All makes, models, sizes, and standards are supported.

Operating And File Systems
All Operating Systems are supported. All Microsoft Windows versions are supported, Linux, Unix, Novell, Firmware, Citrix, Android, iOS, Mac OS and many more OS and related File Systems are supported.

Remote Recovery Services

With out Remote Access Software, data can be retrieved and restored into its original working form without ever needing to step foot into a customers location again. Of course this is not preferable as we like to see our customers!

State Of The Art Recovery Facilities
Our partner Labs are certified Class 10 and Class 100 clean rooms. It is a strict requirement to open a hard drive in a controlled air environment to increase chance of success.

Recovery Experts with Key Partners

ACE Data Recovery

CSS offers a number of services to help recover and restore your lost data due to hard drive failure. There are a number of causes for data loss, and we have the tools and experience to diagnose and repair the issue. We offer a free initial diagnostic service to determine the source of the problem. It is imperative to act immediately if you have experience data loss, as more time passes the difficulty and cost of recovery may increase. Call us now for a free estimate of service.

Hard Drive Recovery

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