What is a Managed Service Provider?

What does MSP mean to your business?

Managed IT Solutions Chart
Managed IT Services Broken Down

A MSP or Managed Service Provider is the contracting or hiring on a proactive basis certain IT processes and functions. You may also refer to this as Managed IT Solutions. This is intended to improve operations and decrease expenses. It is the inverse of the traditional break/fix or on-demand outsourcing model. Typically the provider utilizes on-demand services and bills the client only for the work done.

So the question is what does this mean for your business? In simple terms, your computers, workstations, servers, network devices are all going to break. Nothing good lasts forever. When you are in need of Computer Repair service it is better to have a reliable company “on deck” than to call a local Computer Repair or Laptop Repair shop after the problem occurs.

It is always better to have a pre-existing relationship with your Computer Repair company. They may not have the Managed IT Solutions Provider status, but as long as you comfortable with the work that they do this is what is important. Do not hesitate be through finding the right Managed Service Provider.

A complex IT environment requires experience to keep it running smoothly. Constant attention and technicians who are trained in all areas of Technology. Many companies are shy of diving into technology. IT is a rapidly changing business and requires upkeep. Why not hire talent? Cost may be the issue, and this is where a MSP comes into play.

That’s what makes CSS a good choice for a managed IT services provider? There are many alternatives but how do you know it is the right one? Does the company provide responsive service and excellent customer support. Our belief is that the customer is always the number one priority. Nothing comes before the needs of the client. We tailor all of our services around the specific needs of our customers. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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