Laptop Repair Issues

Common reasons your laptop stops working

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Laptop Repair Services

We often take for granted the technology in our life today, that is until it stops working. Computers and laptops are delicate and complicated pieces of machinery, but that does not mean that it has to be a complicated process in trying to resolve the issues that you have. Laptop repair with a paid service can be avoided in some cases.

The first step in attempting to fix an issue is to find out what is wrong. This is called diagnosing in the technical world. If the problem is complicated enough it may require bringing your laptop to the experts. I am going to highlight a few key items that you can attempt yourself without having to break the bank, or that requires a degree in computer science.

Your Laptop will not turn on

If your laptop does not seem to be powering up, or the screen remains blank I am going to give you a few tips to try to resolve this issue.
1) Try removing the battery and power adapter and letting it sit for a few minutes
2)Replace the Power Adapter
3)Connect an external screen via the display port on the laptop

Your Laptop is freezing

If your laptop seems to be running slow or is freezing frequently here are some tips for you to try

  1. Install and Run a spyware cleaner like ( or ccleaner
  2. Uninstall unnecessary applications
  3. Reinstall the operating system

Other Laptop Repair Tips

Avoid downloading software that is outdated. If you have several programs installed that you have not used in a while it may be best to uninstall these programs to free up space.
Also try deleting old files, folders, especially outdated videos that may take up a lot of space.

As a general rule of thumb if the issue seems to be over your head do not hesitate to call the experts. You may end up do more damage than repair and that being said it is always best to avoid guessing, or taking unneeded risks.

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